Equipo Myrtus 2017

Mª José Lladró - The Soul

Mª José Lladró

The Soul

After her formation in the Chambre Syndicale of the Haute Couture of Paris and after a time in the atelier of Emanuel Ungaro, the valencian bussineswoman has managed to translate the value of the excellence to Myrtus.
“I lived five years out of Spain. That made me open my mind and made me realize that Valencia needed an avant-garde space and in tuning with the needs of a more demanding public. The couples of nowadays decorate their houses elegantly, with modern designs and first quality materials. Why be confined to celebrate their wedding in a lounge of a hotel without personality or in an ancient big house?. The world evolves, changes, and Myrtus is part of this change. I love to listen our couples when they enter for the first time in Myrtus and say that it was already time for Valencia to have a space like this”.

María Merchán - The Team

María Merchán

The Team

Another woman is the directly responsible of the management of day to day, with over thirty years experience in the world of the big luxury brands.
She directs and coordinates all internal structure, kitchen, logistics, administration, dealing directly with big clients and, above all, ensures quality standards imposed in Myrtus.

Ana Bravo - Protocol

Ana Bravo


Together are responsible for the protocol department.
Their mission is to know, assist and coordinate to the maximum each detail regarding every celebration. They are key pieces in the selection of the menus, organizing civil ceremony, timing of the event, personalization of the wedding, choice of music, DJs, etc.
“It is true that we turn into a big support for every couple, since they decide to marry in Myrtus, we share with them everything and, of course, also we are in the big day. The couple can enjoy the moment while they know that we are behind dealing with the most minimal detail”.

Lorena Fuentes - Chef

Lorena Fuentes

The Chef

Our chef with more than fifteen years in the hospitality industry has the experience and training that recognizes her as a great professional.
She has worked for Hidromiel during twelve years and in a french restaurante. This experience brings her the tempering necessary to be able to coordinate and direct the team of the kitchen before and during an event, regardless of the size of the event.
Cooking only makes sense if someone enjoys the presentation that has been made and the nice scenery where it is offered.Fine dining is an interaction between the one who gives and who receives and therein lies its success. Lorena achieves that.